I wanted to let you know that the new dosage seems to be working just fine.  TIna has shown increased mastery of toilet usage, pooping and peeing on the potty!  (YAY) and her language skills are increasing  She has been requesting what she wants for lunch.  When she saw that her aide had what she wanted she said "oops, sorry!" to the aide verbally.  The teacher was thrilled about it.

Today at Field Day at school her aide told me that in the past week since restarting methyl B12 shots, Tina has been varying her preferences for everything.  She is no longer dong the same thing day after day.  She is trying new things in so any different ways :)

I have noticed her comprehension is increasing.  Last year for Field Day she seemed more like her autistic peers, struggling to understand what we were about to do.  Today, Tina was the superstar of her class.  She was able to effortlessly jump into a series of hoops, jump mini hurdles and even ran backwards with ease!  She thoroughly enjoyed herself.

Again, I have to say, "YOU ROCK!"  Thank you for always brainstorming to find what works best!!