Today we are thankful for one of the good guys. Thanks, Dr. Elice for working for our kids…

I’ve been wanting to write to you for a while just to let you know how Dylan is doing. My boy turned 5 this summer and when we first came to you Dylan was just 2. It was the scariest time in my life and you calmed my fears and walked me through it all I can’t tell you how greatful I am to you for the work that you do and the guidance and direction you gave me. Dylan is doing so fabulously and we couldn’t be prouder of his hard work and progress. I have to tell you that although we haven’t come to see you in a long time, I am certain I will never forget you. Happy holidays to you, your family and staff.
— LO
The world is lucky to have docs like you!!
— BF
Just a note to tell you Neil is surviving the allergy season, he even checks channel 61 for the pollen count etc... Baseball started off rough as you said with the allergies affecting his behavior on the field— he had a great game yesterday. He participated (to the best of his ability) for the entire game....5:45p to 7:30p.

He was hitting and running the bases, waiting on the bases to run. Really exciting to watch. A friend of mine at the game kept saying how proud she was of well he has come along since the first practice! Amazing!
— LP
Something huge has changed in Julian and it’s been creeping up and getting better all the time. We are so happy. He rode a tricycle for the first time yesterday. Just got on and started riding. He had a catch with his dad, he is sleeping well, eating well, happy, having success with the toilet. We are so proud.

PLUS he does not even seem to be affected by his allergies this season. He wants to go outside and play every day. We are so grateful to you and your staff for helping us these past 4 years. We truly believe it is possible for us to get our son back.
— VG
I remember writing to you one year ago on this very night. I was so excited because Brian was able to participate in a Halloween party and march in a parade. I said it was the best Halloween I had experienced in over 5 years. Well, this one was so much BETTER!!! Brian wore his Handy Manny costume excitedly and trick-or-treated right along with the rest of the neighborhood kids. It was so much fun to watch him approach an adult and say “trick or treat” and then put candy in his bag (which of course he cannot eat!) I never thought I would experience what I did today. I never thought Brian would have the where-with-all to keep a costume on and trick-or-treat. Today I felt like the luckiest MOM on the planet......thanks to you and your team.
— MC
Just got your letter in the mail about your state of the art office. Wish there was one like that when Dan was first diagnosed 18 years ago!
— BF
Just got your letter in the mail and I’m really excited about your new center. Luke is doing pretty well. We’re still doing the diet and some probiotic, fish oil ......he still takes paxil but it really doesnt help. Thank you for all the help you gave us. I think of you and I’m glad. Good luck with everything!
— AL
Hi...just wanna give you an update... HBOT is doing wonders...a different child all around. The language exploded, now putting 3 - 4 words together and his communication skills are unbelievable. He can follow some directions now.
You were right...costly but worth it!! Thank you!
— AA
Wanted to tell you that Neil did very well today. He lasted for the entire childrens mass.
He did a little “hemming and hawin” but we all stayed in our seats and he tried to read along with me and sing. It was hard he said, his body was hurting him to keep control, but it went well. I’m really proud of him.
— LP
We wanted to send a quick note of appreciation to you both for taking time out of your personal schedule to spend time with us to discuss T.C.’a diagnosis, & treatment protocol, but more importantly, your care, empathy, and kindness.

You and Miss JoAnn’s commitment to children can not be captured in our words, but rather our son, T.C.’s own words — Dr.Elice is a “Good Guy” and “Mrs. Elice is beautiful”.

Please note that we share this because T.C. is compassionate and feeling, but typically not verbal — but we know that our son is in there and wants to share - when it is meaningful for him, as he did when discussing our visit.
— SK
My son has a future because of the dedication of Dr. E and his team. My son plays the cello, is in cub scouts and on the swim team. More than I could have imagined when we started 6 years ago.
— MM
I applaud you for LEARNING and Changing for the Greater Good Dr E!
— HF
I wish I could turn back the clock and have done things differently with J. Thank God for you or he would be nowhere right now.
— VG
Just wanted to give you an update on Since undergoing only 4 chelation treatments, Shea is completely trained (no more pull-ups, except for overnight!!). The rash on his butt and arms have virtually disappeared. After seeing the results I think there might be a direct correlation to what he is dumping and the rashes. He’s been excreting large amounts of arsenic and nickel, both metals known to cause eczema and allergic like-dermatitis. He also has stopped drooling, and guess what he’s been dumping– mercury. Mercury can cause increased salivation. His teacher said he has been communicating in class much more and his playground skills have improved significantly. I haven’t really told anyone what we have been doing.
— PM
Since starting the biofim protocol, he is happier, laughing and seems to feel well. Teacher has not reported him falling out of the chair to the floor and getting in the fetal position. He has a healthy appetite as well. Tantrums are almost extinct. BM’s are formed and several times a day. Banging his chin on hard surfaces has diminished but not completely gone.
— TM
I have to say, this is the first allergy season of Julian’s life that he is tolerating. When I say tolerating I mean, no runny nose, no cough, no hesitation going outside (in past years we couldn’t even get him to go out and play). He is sleeping. As a matter of fact, he woke once last night for pretzels, went back to sleep, woke again at 5:30, went downstairs to the kitchen, took out the syrup and asked for a waffle. He sat in his chair waiting for it, ate it and then walked back upstairs and put himself back to sleep! I had to wake him up to get ready for school at 7:30. He fell asleep last night at 8:30! Can you believe it?
— VG
I wanted to let you know that the new dosage seems to be working just fine. TIna has shown increased mastery of toilet usage, pooping and peeing on the potty! (YAY) and her language skills are increasing She has been requesting what she wants for lunch. When she saw that her aide had what she wanted she said “oops, sorry!” to the aide verbally. The teacher was thrilled about it.

Today at Field Day at school her aide told me that in the past week since restarting methyl B12 shots, Tina has been varying her preferences for everything. She is no longer dong the same thing day after day. She is trying new things in so any different ways :)

I have noticed her comprehension is increasing. Last year for Field Day she seemed more like her autistic peers, struggling to understand what we were about to do. Today, Tina was the superstar of her class. She was able to effortlessly jump into a series of hoops, jump mini hurdles and even ran backwards with ease! She thoroughly enjoyed herself.

Again, I have to say, “YOU ROCK!” Thank you for always brainstorming to find what works best!!
— AN
Disney was a 100% success from start to finish. We arrived home this afternoon. Not one meltdown, not one sleepless night, no illness, no constipation, no hands over the ears, no super floppy stimmy behavior… actually the more stimulation he got, the less he stimmed. The kid loves roller coasters, characters, he sat for 40 minutes in restaurants, sat on the plane, stood and waited on line at the airport for 25 minutes. Truly miraculous.
— VG