It is medically accepted that folate and methylation are vital in neurological development. Autism and PDD interfere with normal development of language and socialization. Multiple theories regarding causality have been generated, and typically these focus on genetic vulnerability and environmental risk factors.

Clinically available testing for the methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) gene mutations (polymorphisms) has become available and has been incorporated into our evaluation process for developmentally delayed children. Dr Boris etal. presented data that demonstrates these polymorphisms as significantly associated with ASD. Disturbances in methylation can lead to problems with DNA , RNA, creatine, proteins, phospholipids and neurotransmitter production and function. Based on the observed MTHFR-related genetic variations in children with ASD, it is reasonable to treat with folinic acid and its cofactors in the methylation cycle, for example B vitamins, N-acetyl cysteine, and methyl B12 for these children. 

The administration of injectable or inhaled methyl cobalamin has resulted in many of these children becoming more aware of everything around them. They may start speaking, and/or acting like other children and progress dramatically in their Special Ed and therapeutic environments. Some advance so far that they attend mainstream classes and are not labeled as autistic any longer. Methyl cobalamin (methyl B12) is available in our office in a preservative free compounded injectable liquid. We provide ultra fine syringes and give parents individual instruction on administration of these injections to their children. Once the effectiveness of this treatment is established, we can modify the injections to contain folinic acid, N-acetyl cysteine and glutathione when necessary. The availability of these ‘vitamin shots’ in the office guarantees that parents will always be able to obtain what they need for their children. If an injection is unacceptable to the child or parent, a methyl cobalamin nasal spray can be made for use as an alternative to the injections.