AIM Integrative Medicine is a comprehensive facility that is the first of its kind in
the New York metropolitan area

Our staff is uniquely dedicated to treating children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, allergies, & immune and metabolic problems. We offer alternative therapies for functional medical problems and the core clinical imbalances that may be the source of various disease conditions including:

  • Immune dysfunction and deficiencies
  • Inflammation
  • Digestive, absorptive and microbial imbalances
  • Oxidative stress and mitochondrial disorder
  • Hormonal and neurotransmitter imbalances
  • Toxicity

We are now credentialed with several managed care carriers, including:

  • Aetna
  • United Health Care
  • Oxford
  • Empire- United Health Care Government Plan
  • Magnacare
  • Mertain Health
  • Care Connect
  • UMR
  • 1199
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"Today, I'm printing out invitations to D's first ever birthday party with friends. I am tingling all over and giddy and hopeful and all sorts of feelings that autism doesn't usually let me have. I asked D if he wanted a party...he responded immediately and emphatically, "Yes!" and listed items that he wanted to eat.

When I asked him who we should invite, he listed several kids in his class along with the guidance staff member who interacts with the students. Fingers crossed that some of these kids are available to celebrate this amazing boy. This year, we truly have so much to celebrate!

Tears! Progress every day! Thanks, Dr. Elice!"

- AC